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Solar Power is ready to dominate the worldwide Energy Production.

KP Smart Energy (KPSE) and photinus Austria providing scientific and technological innovations and smart green energy applications. We are committed to the improvement of the living environment by energy-saving technologies, efficient Solar lighting and solar power solutions. As the leader in Solar Street Lighting, we insist on integrating the advanced technology and professional design into every solution and blending the best service with the highest quality of our products, aiming at each client's satisfaction.


The team behind KPSE and photinus Austria combine experts from solar energy, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, data management, architecture, and design. Our team works according to the principles of high performance and encounters the goal of flawless work with the acceptance of open communication and joint remediation of errors.


Innovation is the elementary principle of our company. We as pioneers are perceived as well as appreciated in a technological market leader within the solar lighting industry.


KPSE and photinus guarantee the highest quality standard for our products and services. Together we develop highly efficient and unique designed solar street lights, solar powered illumination solutions and solar power production plants.


We offer valuable endorsement and solutions for self-sustaining Solar Lights and ensures the perfect illumination and design for the respective area.Economic efficiency is crucial for KPSE and photinus. Extensive economical calculations demonstrate the advantages of KPSE and photinus lighting systems in relation to traditional on-grid street, way or place lighting. A low-cost wire and trenchless installation in combination with extremely low operational and maintenance costs guarantee your investment.


Our goal is to enable solar lighting incomparable flexible, quickly available and installed, environmental friendly with a minimum of interventions in nature, insect neutral and supplied by “free” solar energy.


KPSE and photinus core competence is the ability to implement reliable solar illumination with superior light distribution in each season of the year and at any place on earth. The competences roots from the KPSE and photinus design and extensive development in combination with our special long-life photovoltaic technology and a perfect integrated control system. The result is a superior solar lighting design in line with the highest performance of 200lm/W and a perfect LED luminaire which ensures the superior light distribution regardless of summer or winter season. We see solar lights as an important contribution to our CO2 free environment, increasing the public safety and enriching the quality of life.


With our service and products, we make a fundamental contribution to reducing CO2 emissions worldwide and to protecting the climate and the environment.We transfer our sustainability ethos to our customers. Environmentally compatible processes are defined in the planning phase, which leads to long-term cost, energy and resource savings.

KPSE and photinus Solar Power Solutions

KPSE and photinus designs and install high-quality residential, commercial, municipal, non-profit and educational solar power solution. We offer high-quality solar energy systems to residential and commercial clients. Our team of solar energy experts, installers and engineers have a long time of experience in designing, engineering, finance and installation of solar power plants.

KPSE and photinus solar power systems can be set up on the rooftop of residences, parking lots, free and farmland, shopping mall roofs and empty space.

From the design to the installation, our Solar specialist team provides for business or residential advantages the highest quality solar energy system along with a yielding maximum production output, an expediting return of investment and with absolutely no interruption of your daily operations.

We understand not only the dynamic economics of the solar industry but also the value of return to your business.

KPSE and photinus assist our clients during the preparation of investment, the analysis of solar energy systems and to identify the most cost-effective financial mechanism to yield the highest ROI for your business or residence.


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We provide Solar Lights and Panels

We see light as an important contribution to increasing public safety, enriching quality of life and winning time for mankind.

Thus, we develop, produce and sell energy efficient, self-sustaining, solar outdoor lighting systems. Competition between ecology and economy is hereby eliminated by our intelligent solutions.

We consider the delivery of solar lighting systems for streets and ways as well as customer specific micro solar solutions as socio-political mission especially in continents without light. This mission is completed with the creation of regional jobs and regional value added.

Newest Technologies

Innovation is the elementary principle of our company. We see optimal solutions as maximum success. We are clearly pioneers and perceived as well as appreciated as technological market leader within the solar lighting industry.


KP Smart Energy’ core competence is the ability to implement reliable lighting points with superior light distribution in any season and at any place on earth. Theses competences root on special KP Smart Energy -procedures within photovoltaic technologies and perfect integration with the sophisticated KP Smart Energy control system.


Highest quality of products and services are fundamental to KP Smart Energy’ business model. Therefore, we stet very high quality standards for suppliers.

Economic efficiency

Economic efficiency is crucial for KP Smart Energy. Extensive economical calculations demonstrate the advantages of KP Smart Energy lighting systems in relation to traditional, on grid street, way or place lighting. Our products cost less in acquisition and have lower operation costs throughout the whole life span. The competition between ecology and economy is eliminated with these intelligent solutions.

KP Smart Energy is not competing with the traditional, on grid streetlight; it offers rather a valuable endorsement and different solution. We take it as our duty to investigate whether installations of lighting points make ecological and economic sense or not.

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